Breeding Freshwater Shrimp * Shrimp Update*

Since I got my shipment of fancy shrimp about 3 weeks ago. One of my SSS red crystal shrimp is pregnant. She is still currently holding the eggs. This is not my first time breeding shrimp however. I have breed some red rili shrimp and some cherry shrimp. Freshwater shrimp are very easy to breed and will take care of them selves. So there is no need to separate the older shrimp and babies.

I will post more updates about the status of the new shrimp as thing occur.

WP_20150127_19_19_08_ProThe shrimp that has eggs is right in the middle. (look for like grey dots near its abdomen)

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Benefits of a Freshwater Shrimp Aquarium

My personal 5 gallon shrimp aquarium is a very calm and relaxing desk ornament. There are many pros to owning one of these types of aquariums



  • Easy to maintain

I do very little in the way of maintenance on my aquarium. The plants manage to consume most of the nitrates and ammonia the shrimp produce. The shrimp will help the plants by eating algae and other organisms that grow on the plants or in the tank. The Fluval shrimp substrate promotes a healthy substrate for the shrimp and also provides nutrients for the plants. So the aquarium it self is almost self sustaining. The only thing I do is top off with freshwater ( which I also add some shrimp mineral solution too). Also I occasionally throw some shrimp food in, just in case the eat everything else.

  • Small

These aquariums are usually very small. My personal aquarium is only five gallons and fits on my desk next to my computer. I have seen these aquariums in sizes around 2.5 gallons.

  • Always looks good

Because I have good equipment and the tank is so self sustaining the plants always look green and healthy without any added fertilizers. So if you want to set up your own, I would advise looking for a shrimp aquarium kit which is what I used.

  • Relaxing

The shrimp are very interesting to watch as they crawl along the surface of plants searching for food. Combine this with their cool personality, color, and small size and you have a very unique compact ecosystem.



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