Buying Young Koi

I have spent a lot of time this year building a new pond in my backyard to house some very nice koi. I have spent a lot of time doing my research on pond design and i have come up with something that i think has very good potential. Once i get my pond to a suitable state I will be doing a full video over on my YouTube Channel at this link here

Buying Meaningful Fish

I have seen people dump a few generic feeder goldfish in ponds to save a lot of money and just to have a few fish. However since this fish are so cheap they usually fill their ponds up all at once. By doing this most of the fish will end up looking very similar. This usually results in fish death due to improper care and just overstocking. Most of the time they usually wont have as much of an impact on the owner of the pond.

During my time working at pet stores I have spent a lot of time trying to get people to spend more time and money to get more unique fish that they can really connect with and enjoy. I have found that by getting a few nice fish at a time can really help to keep your interest in the pond growing throughout the year.

It also helps to stock your pond with fish you care about and have a liking too. Rather than just settling on a few cheap fish.

Buying Koi

A lot of these same principles apply to koi and I want to make sure I am getting nice fish that I will enjoy for many many years to come. So in order to give my self a shot of buying promising koi I have been doing some research about koi development and buying koi. As well as going over some of the basics of buying koi. knowing some about the varieties can be very helpful and can make the experience more meaningful.


 For example these are just two varieties of koi on the left is a goshiki and the right is a kohaku.


I have found a video series on choosing young koi and for me it has been really helpful and offers a lot of tips for choosing young koi.

I did not make this video and all credit goes to the Pond Digger and Mystic Koi for putting together this great tutorial. I hope you enjoy